Stop Pests and Wildlife Before They Get Into Your Home

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They say the best defense is a good offense, but in the world of wildlife control, we say the best offense is a good defense. That's why Bug Eraser Inc relies on exclusionary tactics to provide comprehensive pest, wildlife and rodent control in Palmetto, FL.

We'll set up bait stations and design exclusion features to keep pests and wildlife from getting into your home or business.

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Build barriers to keep your home free of wildlife

Build barriers to keep your home free of wildlife

Rodents and other wildlife can find their way into your home or business if it's not properly defended. That's why Bug Eraser will build and set up wildlife and rodent exclusion structures.

There are numerous ways for small creatures to get into your building. We'll find the breaches in your home or business and cover them so no critters can come through. This means you won't run across a rat in your attic or find a snake slithering around your sunroom.

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